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This is NextGen - Jewelry of a Next Generation
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How it all began...


It all began in 2017 when two brothers were looking for a gift for their girlfriends. The decision much on jewelry. For this quality, however, the price was far too high! That's why the brothers have looked more closely at the jewelry industry and were surprised what they found - jewelry is sold for 1,000% more than it costs to produce it. 


After further searching, they found that most of the price of quality jewelry is due to expensive marketing campaigns, wasteful product development, and inefficient supplier and distribution channels.


That's why the brothers were looking for jewellery that is affordable for everyone and meets the taste of fashion-conscious women. 


Initially with only two or three products, the enthusiasm on the social networks grew. Thanks to their loyal and exclusive clientele, their dream slowly became reality. 

The result was a fantastic range of products of the highest quality at the best price. It was the vision to offer jewellery that would send customers on their travels, arouse emotions and make people happy.

Our environment is important...


Millions of tons of packaging waste are generated every day. The NextGen team therefore tries to make packaging as simple and sustainable as possible. The cardboard for our envelopes comes from sustainable forestry and German production. But don't worry, the contents will still reach you undamaged.


You can also support us by not throwing our satin bags or jewelry boxes in the trash, but using them as practical storage. 


We don't send unnecessary bills to save paper. If you need an invoice, please send us an e-mail. 

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Why we want to pass something on...


We, the NextGen team knows that jewellery can put a smile on the faces of many people. We have decided to share some of your smile. By buying one of our products you pass on your happiness. 


The Red Noses Clowndoctors get 1€ per product sold from NextGen Jewellery. The donations will be used to train clowns who regularly visit sick people in hospitals. Thank you!

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